You Are Your Own God, Self Worship In Satanism

What does it really mean to be your own god? Where did this idea originate from? This article discusses Satanic self-worship and the idea of ‘becoming a god’ in Satanism.




What Do Satanists Believe Happens After Death?

Many people wonder what Satanists believe about death and the afterlife. After all, Satanists are allying with the prince of darkness and the ruler of hell..

The 5 Most Popular Satanism Books

Interested in Satanism but you don’t know where to start? Here are the 5 most popular books on Satanism. These are the Satanism books that can help you to learn about Satanism as a religion and philosophy.


What is the Satanic Mating Signal?

What is the Satanic Mating Signal?

Anton LaVey stated in the Satanic Bible in the Eleven Rules of the Earth, that sexual advances must not be made until the mating signal is given. But, what is the Satanic mating signal? Explore ideas of sexuality and consensual sex in Satanism.