Most Famous Women of Satanism

Zeena LaVey

Sure, men have made history in Satanism in the last century, but here’s a look at the fascinating lives of women in Satanism. Some lived behind the scenes and some others took the spotlight, and the heat! Here’s a countdown of some of the most famous women of the Left Hand Path! Here they are, in no particular order:

Diane LaVey, Satanism’s First Lady

Diane LaVey

Diane LaVey, the golden-haired beauty at Anton LaVey’s side throughout the formation of the Church of Satan, was Satanism’s first lady. Known as Diane Hegarty, she took on LaVey’s last name and her role in the Church of Satan. She did much of the groundwork in this church that enabled it to become the success that it was. Without her hard work in Satanism we would not have all that we have today.

Diane helped to transcribe and edit some of the most famous books in Satanism today. Namely, the Satanic Bible, Satanism’s first book, and the Satanic Rituals. She was also influential in helping to write the Satanic Witch, and the Devil’s Notebook. These books are important in Satanism because they helped to shape how we view Satanism today.

Diane also helped to found the Church of Satan, helping to arrange meetings and groups, and administering important duties for the church. In addition to this Diane often was the one to deal with the press and the media. During the 1980’s Diane also defended the church when accusations arose during the Satanic Panic.

Diane LaVeyInvolved in several documentaries on Satanism, such as the Occult Experience and filmed rituals of the Church of Satan services, Diane can be seen leading and helping with Satanic rituals.

Serving as their High Priestess for a quarter of a century, she was an integral part of the Church of Satan. Yet her legacy seems to be overshadowed by her husband, Anton LaVey who often was the only one in the spotlight.

She is also the first mother of Satanism, raising her child with Anton, Zeena LaVey and later on, her grandson Stanton LaVey. America had it’s first generation of Satanists with the LaVey family.

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