Most Famous Women of Satanism

Zeena LaVey, The First Daughter

Zeena LaVey, born to Diane and Anton LaVey, was the first person to be baptized in a Satanic ceremony, at the young age of three. Her ceremony garnered worldwide media attention and public interest. A reenactment of the baptism event was later created for the Satanic Mass LP recording.

Growing up in the Church of Satan was tough for Zeena. She was exposed to the media throughout Zeena's Baptismher childhood. Growing up with the LaVeys wasn’t an idyllic life – she endured a less than happy childhood due to her parent’s lifestyle and upbringing. In an interview with The Guardsman, Zeena describes becoming a mother at the age of fourteen while living in “a stifling, dysfunctional family life.” You can read more personal details on her childhood within the church at Vice’s Beelzebub’s Daughter.

Later on in 1985, she was ordained within the Church of Satan and became it’s spokesperson. These were dangerous times for real Satanists, during the era of the Satanic Panic. The Church of Satan really had nothing to defend against during the Satanic Panic, because all of the accusations were false. Still, it was Zeena who took control of the media’s access to the Church. She appeared on several daytime TV talk shows like the Phil Donhahue show, Nightline, Entertainment tonight, The Late Show, Secrets and mysteries and also, her most famous interview, with the Sally Jessy Raphael Show.

Zeena LaVeyZeena was also instrumental in helping law enforcement agencies to eventually discredit the conspiracies that arose from the Satanic Panic. She was in contact with the LAPD and also, Robert Hicks, a specialist in law enforcement, with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Along with Zeena’s knowledge and guidance, Hicks wrote an essay (In Pursuit of Satan: The Police And The Occult). This essay was among the first to debunk the various conspiracy theories of the time. The FBI finally released a report in 1992 dismissing many of the Satanic Panic theories of the time.

By the time the 90’s rolled around, however, Zeena had plans for her own life. She left the Church of Satan – and together, along with her husband Nicholas Schreck, created their own spiritual movement. Called the Sethian Liberation Movement. According to Zeena: “The SLM exists for personal-enlightenment purposes; it’s tantric in its nature and based on meditation and practices with Seth.”

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