Most Famous Women of Satanism

Karla LaVey, a Satanic Warrior

Not enough is said about Karla, the first daughter of Anton LaVey. Born from his previous marriage, Karla LaVeyKarla also grew up in the Church of Satan. Karla also was a founding member of the Church of Satan and acted as a spokesperson for the organization.

In the late 70’s Karla traveled to Amsterdam, to administer for the Church of Satan overseas. During that time she was ordained as a High Priestess. Karla also participated in numerous media and print interviews, helping others to understand the mission of the Church of Satan.

Just like her half-sister Zeena, Karla also fought to dispel the myths and conspiracies surrounding Satanism in the 1980’s. Karla made television appearances on talk TV shows like 20/20, Joan Rivers show, Ron Regan show, and 60 Minutes. That was some major positive exposure for the Church of Satan at the time.

Karla_LaveyKarla worked hard to preserve her father’s legacy. After he died in 1997, Anton’s third wife, Blanche Barton tried to use a hand-written will that granted her all of LaVey’s belongings, writings and royalties to her. However, Karla, knowing better, was able to contest it, and have the property divided fairly between her and others in the family.

Continuing her father’s legacy, Karla created the First Satanic Church, based in San Fransisco. The First Satanic Church had the same philosophies and teachings that were started by Anton LaVey. Karla left the Church of Satan to Blanche Barton, who moved its operations and headquarters to New York City.

Karla also organizes events for the First Satanic Church, like the Walpurgisnacht show in 2005, a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They also host an annual”Black Xmas” party and show in December for members.

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