Most Famous Women of Satanism

Diane Vera & The Theistic Satanism Movement

Diane Vera has been instrumental in providing useful materials for Spiritual and Theistic Satanists. She began writing about Satanism in 2002, during a time when the Church of Satan, an atheistic organization, was just about the only materials on Satanism that you could find online.

Diane Vera discovered Satanism in 1991. She was brought up Christian, but later rejected it at the Diane Veraage of 15. Through her spiritual journeys, she studied paganism but eventually found a spiritual path in Satanism. It was from there that she began writing about the path of Theistic Satanism in 2002.

Diane has also been involved in Satanic social activism. Knowing that Satanists are often a marginalized group, she worked to find a solution. So, Diane founded and coordinates for a group called New Yorker’s Against Religion-Based Bigotry.

This group, according to their website, works to : “…support the concerns of those who are most vilified by the religious right wing. These include, among others: religious minorities such as Pagans, occultists, and Satanists; atheists”, and people in alternative lifestyles.

Diane is also the founder of the New York City Satanists, Luciferians, Dark Pagans, and “Left Hand Path” meeting group. This is one of the few groups open to the public that holds regular meetings for their members, giving Satanists a space to be themselves, hold rituals, and to enjoy events and serious discussions together.

While she hasn’t been active online lately, she has left us a treasure trove of information, knowledge and rituals that Satanists can use. Her main website filled with insight, rituals, and philosophy is found at Theistic Satanism.

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