Most Famous Women of Satanism

Lilith Starr, Empowering Others Through Satanism

Many people who find Satanism are also able to find their purpose in life, and sometimes, help others along the way. Meet Lilith Starr, Satanist and activist.

Lilith battled a life of addiction to heroin for over 18 years. After going through program without Lilith Starrsuccess, she needed a place to turn that would let her focus on herself.

During that time she was in grad school at Stanford, and her friend who eventually became her husband, introduced her to the Satanic Bible.

Reading it enabled her to start focusing on her own self development. She found Satanism, it resonated with her, and it became the perfect outlet for her own creativity. Satanism enabled her to take responsibility for her own actions and it helped to break her cycle of addiction, in the process.

After a while she found the people of the Satanic Temple, an atheistic Satanic organization. After joining and working with them, she eventually was accepted into their inner circle. Lilith is now currently the head of the Seattle Chapter of the Satanic Temple, where she works to help others through social work.

One of her most important contributions to Satanism is her book, The Happy Satanist (available at Amazon). It is the first book for Satanists that has tackled the important cycle of addiction and how Satanism can help others to find their own inner god. In her book, she discussions the common misconceptions about satanism, and how to “…tap into the deep reservoir of personal power we all have inside.”

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