Satanic Mating Signal

The Satanic mating signal, is it a secret sign?

Anton LaVey stated in the Satanic Bible in the Eleven Rules of the Earth, that sexual advances must not be made until the mating signal is given. But, what is the Satanic mating signal? This article explores some of the ideas that satanists have about sexuality and social signals.

Sexuality is a topic that is often discussed by Satanists. Most Satanists take a more liberal stance on sexual behavior. Things like homosexuality and deviance seem to be the norm in Satanic circles. Satanists are not afraid to explore their sexual options. But the need to understand the satanic mating signal is an important part of satanism.

Sexuality may be taboo in other religions, but in Satanism it is something that is socially acceptable. It is a part of Satanic Mating Signalbeing human. Many of the rituals of the early church of Satan displayed naked women as altarpieces, showing that women’s sexuality should be praised instead of being condemned and repressed.

This gives Satanists a certain amount of freedom. However, there should be a limit. Those ‘mating signals’ are one such limit that shouldn’t be too hard to understand. Satanism, in general does not advocate sex without permission. So what are some common examples of what Satanists think the satanic mating signal represents?

The Church of Satan FAQ states that their stance on homosexuality is acceptable; they are in acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and any other gender orientation into their ranks. They also accept the idea of gay marriage. Satanists in general are liberal when it comes to sexuality.

The Church of Satan’s idea on a mating signal comes from their approach on basic human sexuality. It is easy to see when someone is physically and sexually attracted to you. They believe in responsible and consensual sex between willing adult participants. it only seems healthy to approach sexuality in that way.

Reverend Matt G Paradise, a Grotto Master of the Church of Satan, explains the mating signal in this way: “the definition of the mating signal will vary according to combination of participants, situation, and other subjective criteria”. Often social signals aren’t hard to miss. A mating signal could be something as simple as a word or special look. Generally you know when you are being hit on. While they accept casual sex, the parties should be consenting adults.

The ‘Satanic Mating Signal’ of LaVey’s Satanic Rules of the Earth is just a brief explanation on how consensual sex is approached between two willing parties. There’s no secret signal or word, just actions that make it easy to know if someone is interested in you.

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